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Devon looked at his sister and could see that she appeared to be perfectly happy, which he had not been expecting. She had phoned him the day before. Continue reading

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8775 Uhh yeah, no problem, 8776 I gulped. She knew I wanted her, wanted her so bad that I ached. She turned to walk away and the towel slid from her youthful body. I saw everything: her silky smooth legs, her soft pubic fur, her tight stomach, her round, firm breasts, and finally her face with its expression of feigned surprise. My daughter said nothing, but her eyes could see mine evaluating her body. Quickly she bent down and grabbed her towel, pressing it against her front.

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I lived in a tiny flat above the town's bakers shop. My husband ran away with his fancy woman years ago. Needless to say when his money run out she left him. I was fifty-four years old and had just about given up on life, and I hadn't had a job for over ten years.

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As I turned 68, I was finding more about the female body and my own. One day I came in from baseball practice, ready for a cool shower and hungry. Continue reading


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A twist on the standard incest stories as the child is the one who enslaves his parents. There are three voices in this story, hopefully, the different type styles will indicate the different voices. Note : This story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live! There were two very different things about Kelly...